ATSI Structural Bodywork
3 series

The 3 Series consists of three sessions of Structural Bodywork.

This can be a nice way to experience this work as a beginner of Structural Integration, or as advanced sessions after the 12 Series.

1. Lower Body

Beginning with your foundation, this session works with the feet, legs, thighs, and pelvis. Aligning the pelvis from below.

2. Upper Body

Aligns the body above the pelvis, abdomen, ribcage, and shoulders.

3. Spine

Although each session works with the spine, neck and sacrum, the Spine session gives time to address specific imbalances. 

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Appointments are taken by calling Amy directly. Amy likes to hear first-hand about her clients' issues to help them find the therapy that is best suited for them.
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Amy Lynne Borland Hilton
Certified Structural Integration Therapist
NC LMBT # 1753
Yoga Instructor


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