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Anatomy Trains Structural Integration
12  series

"Energy continuously flows from Superficial to Deep in the body.
Ida Rolf

ATSI (Anatomy Trains Structural Integration) consists of twelve Structural Integration sessions developed by Thomas Myers applying the Anatomy Trains myofascial meridians model. The Anatomy Trains model is a map of the continuous fascial vertical pathways in the body.

ATSI progressively works through the entire body to create balanced, easeful movement and coordination as well as develop an articulate and vivid self-image through kinesthetic perception and myofascial release.

For example, the first session is the Superficial Front Line which begins on the top (dorsal surface) of the foot up through the front of the shin (anterior compartment), knee, and quadriceps to the anterior of the hip. This line continues up through the rectus abdominus, sternum, and the superficial neck.

Each session follows a myofascial meridian through the body, but specific attention is given to the individual's pattern.

Sessions 1-4
Release and unwind the Superficial body  (outer body that touches the world)

Session 1  |  Superficial Front Line - Front body
Session 2  |  Superficial Back Line - Back body
Session 3  |  Lateral Line - Sides of body
Session 4  |  Spiral Line - How we move, opposite arm and legs like walking

Sessions 5-8
Deep Front Line  (the core of your body, from inner arch to jaw)

Session 5   |  DFL-  Inner arch, inseam of legs and pelvis floor
Session 6   |  DFL - Deep core tissues of the diaphragm and psoas 
Session 7   |  DBL - Deep Back Line.  Specific spine work and deeper back, hip and leg tissues
Session 8   |  DFL - Neck, head and face

Sessions 9-12
Integration ~ Working with the Superficial and Deep Core

Session 9   |  The Pelvis and below
Session 10   |  The Pelvis and above
Session 11   |  The Arms
Session 12   |  Spine and Integration

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