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What to Expect at a Session

At the beginning of each session, we will begin with a Body Read. This gives the therapist a map of your specific pattern. Essentially, where your bones are in space tells me what tissue is short and what is long.

Structural Integration and Bodywork are interactive therapies between the therapist and client. You will practice specfic movements as the therapist uses myofascial techniques to release and lengthen the tissue. For example, the sole of the foot, the plantar fascia, is assisted by your gentle movement from a point and flex of your ankle. Your conscious movement helps melt the dense layers of fascia, but scientifically your movement activates the abundant nerve mechanoreceptors located within the fascia which communicates with your autonomic nervous system to inhibit a sympathetic response and creating a relaxing effect.  

Your fascial body and nervous system are intimately interwoven, in addition to your vascular system. Some of the effects of the myofascial bodywork may be associated with a change in local blood supply and release of impinged nerves to the working area. Since this is an interactive bodywork session to realign specfic structural imbalances, you will be asked to get off the table and walk around to feel the changes and see differences during the session. The greater awareness we have of our body enhances our proprioception which signals these abundant nerve mechanoreceptors to helps us move with ease, grace and coordination. It is never too late to develop more coordination and kinesthetic awareness.

Every session has back work, usually on a bench for the spine, for example Back Stripes. Which is so wonderful!  The neck and sacrum are addressed in each session to integrate the day's work back to your nervous system.


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