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"My clients are my continuing teachers with their individual patterns.

I love the puzzle of my work."

Amy Borland Hilton

Amy has been lead by her body to study and learn how to relieve the tension of her scoliosis. Through her exploration of Structural Integration, bodywork / massage and yoga movement, she continues to learn as Ida Rolf said "Gravity is the therapist." She was excited to study ATSI, Anatomy Trains Structural Integration, which deepened her understanding of how the human body can move and live with ease.

Amy holds a BS in Geology from UNC Chapel Hill. In 1998, Amy took her first of many yoga teacher trainings. Since studying about Anatomy Trains  in massage school at the Scherer Institute of Natural Healing, Taos NM, in 1999, Amy has wanted to study Structural Integration.  And in 2015, the time was right!

The Structural Integration 12 Series woke up Amy's core, showing her exactly where her core is - which allows her superficial body to work less hard. The chronic pain and strain from her scoliosis has greatly decreased.

She is happy to share the resilience she has found with her clients and yoga students. And help others reconnect with their resilient core!

Amy and Tom Myers, her teacher,
at 2016 Fascial Research Congress

Amy is a Certified Structural Integration Therapist, North Carolina Licensed Massage Therapist (NC#1753) and Yoga Instructor. For Amy's yoga classes, visit

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