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"When the Body gets working appropriately,
the force of Gravity can flow through ...
then spontaneously, the body heals itself."

Ida Rolf

Renewing The Depth of You

"Relief from chronic pain, and flexibility restored.
I am inspired with a new zest for life."

~ Mitzi C.

If you are looking for a deeper longer lasting change in your body posture, awareness, and movement pattern, Structural Integration (SI) is for You! Although some come to SI because of pain or restriction, the true goal of Structural Integration is to uncover the deep unique holding pattern of each individual. 

Structural Integration (SI) is a series of bodywork sessions specfically designed for You. Each series strategically works through the body using myofascial bodywork and alignment techniques. SI is an interactive bodywork where your movement creates a deeper change in the tissue. Deep does not mean painful - the depth of the work is a greater sense of awareness of how you live in your body.


Deep Blue Bodywork is the evolution of
Deep Blue Day Spa, established in 2000.
Amy also specializes in:

Easing the nervous system with

Craniosacral Therapy

Detoxifying and boosting the immune system with 
Lymph Drainage Therapy

Assisting you in developing
healthy movement and exercise based on

Private Yoga Movement training


Certified Structural Integration Therapist
North Carolina Licensed Massage Therapist NC #1753
Yoga Instructor


Amy has followed her heart and body to the work she practices. Her scoliosis pattern led her first to yoga teacher training in 1998 and massage school in 2000. After 15 years of massage practice, she has continued her education of the body with ATSI (Anatomy Trains Structural Integration). Amy says, "I'm really very selfish in my studies. I do them to help me unwind my body pattern. My clients are my continuing teachers with their individual patterns. I love the puzzle of my work. And the release of tension in my body and my clients."  

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